"We are about to install nine more Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors in California with the new lift straps and auto latches and I know that it will be as easy as the first one. We have purchased and installed 85 of their doors so far and I would not think of switching door companies. I call them from time to time and I have never had to wait for service, they are always ready to take my call. This is a 10+ company! Thanks Julie, Dave, Mike, Jeremy and the rest of you that make me look so smart to my customers."

Dan Obradovich, CA

"I purchased my Schweiss door Nov. 2005. It came as scheduled and with a tractor it was up in less than an hour. After the inside of the aircraft hanger was sheetrocked the controls were installed by myself with no difficulty. It has the lift straps and works great. The last thing I'll say is what great service I received. I lost the antenna for the radio control and someone stole the manuals from my car. I called and at no charge Schweiss sent a new one. There are not many company's that will back their products like that. Thank you."

John Riser, OR

"One of the best decisions I made was when I purchased and installed a 40' Schweiss Bi-Fold Door to replace the sliding doors on my barn. The directions for installing the doors were excellent. The lift straps and automatic locks work great. Well built and an excellent product. There are great people at Schweiss to deal with. Thanks!"

Skip Kemp, NY

"Ladies and Gentlemen, when I lived in the U.S., my airplane hangar door was a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door, and I was extremely satisfied with the quality and operation of it. At this time I reside in Germany and I am in the planning stage of building an aircraft hangar. Of course I would like to have a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door with the lift straps put on it if possible. Would it make sense to ship the door all the way to Germany?? Send shipping means and cost? Looking forward to your response. Best Regards, Gunther."

Gunther Kalberer, Germany

"The door looks and operates great. Please tell your installation crew they did an outstanding job. The day they arrived they worked till dark and were back the next morning at 6a.m. to finish. Almost every hangar owner on the field was there at one time or another watching the installation. I have a couple of hangar owners that are interested in your doors. If you could please drop us some brochures. If you would like to add us to your list of very satisfied customers in your advertising please feel free to do so. We would be more than happy to show it off. We'll send up some pictures of it as soon as we get them back."

Otto H. Brauer, Holland

"These two men, Rick Meyers and Gene Black worked in the 10-degree to 20-degree weather to do a fine job. They never complained or even stopped to eat lunch. All they were concerned about was my complete satisfaction. I would and will pass on the word to others on the quality of workmanship I received. Thanks you so much for the good job."

Bob Chervenie, PA

"I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you and your organization. The two men, Mike and Ken, that you sent to install our Airport Hangar door in Columbia County were true professionals. Mike and Ken, even though hampered by weather conditions, kept very busy. The door looks great and the County and I are very pleased with the appearance and quality. Once Again, thank you. Here are some pictures for your records."

Robert V. Pinto Jr., NY

" I would like to thank you personally for the generous donation of a hangar door. The squadron will put the proceeds to good use in restoring our C-47 aircraft, the "Bluebonnet Belle." I will continue to put in a positive word for your products with everyone that I can. I am including our airshow posters from the last two years that show you as a major sponsor."

Cliff Walker, TX

"Just a short note to thank you and your team for your great responsiveness in fixing the door at my hangar. I was in a difficult situation and I greatly appreciate your help and attention to detail. Thank you so much. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time. I would be more than happy to accommodate your excellent company, as your customer service was outstanding!"

Daniel J. Sullivan, MN

"I would like to thank Schweiss Bifold Doors and your staff for an excellent job on the 60' x 16' hangar doors at the Dodge City Regional Airport. After the bidding process was complete, you initiated communications to work out all the details to ensure the project was a success for both our airport and your company. Prior to the start of the project, Mike Schweiss flew into our airport to double-check all measurements and the site location. This was reassuring that when the product arrived on the semi trailer, everything would be correct. Please thank your field crew for their professional working ethics while on the job site. The crew was very cooperative in working with our FBO so their work schedule would not be disrupted. Again, thank you for an excellent job and an excellent product for the Dodge City Regional Airport."

Mike Klein, KS

"We recently purchased a new bifold door for our new hangar. I just want to let you know that we could not be happier with our doors. Everybody we talked to was very helpful and the crew that installed the door were friendly and knew what they were doing. The door works perfectly and when the installation crew left, there was no scrap lying around and all the instruction booklets were there. Thank you very much for a fine job. We would recommend you to anyone."

David Melby, MN

"On Wednesday, May 12, arrangements were made through your employee, Kristy, notifying me that your people would be at my hangar in Goshen, Indiana at 11:30 a.m. At 11:30 they pulled into the drive and proceeded to work efficiently and quickly. I want to thank you and your entire organization on their professionalism, and have the highest praise for your company."

Arthur Eby, IN

"Well, Brook, my 40' door is completely installed and functioning smoothly. I opted for the clear fiberglass for the top sheathing and regulation metal on the bottom. As for an evaluation, and you can quote me if you wish, the materials and craftsmanship are superb and there was not one thing we found wanting. Your company offers a truly superb product. I hope you all had a fine Christmas and sincerely wish you folks the best of the New Years!"

Jim Lawliss, NY

"One of the reasons we chose Schweiss was your reputation in the aircraft world. We certainly found that to be the truth, and appreciate how simple and quick it was to get an issue addressed. Thanks again to Jeremy Rieke and all the others who helped coordinate the many steps in providing our door - we're very pleased with the final result and looking forward to many years of use."

Frank Allen, TX

"Here's a picture of the hangar door as installed (with a very uncommon North Carolina snow). Everything went together well and looks great! Thanks to Schweiss Doors."

Ron Natalie, NC

"I just finished installing my new Hydraulic Door from Schweiss and what a great product you have! My hangar was an existing building without much headroom to spare so I needed a door that would not lose any height to my opening. My new hydraulic door also adds a lot of nice shade to the front area of my building when I have it fully opened."

Al. P., NY

"My 15 year old building, we replaced our old worn out sliding doors with the Schweiss Hydraulic door. The door's header tube gave our building extra support for the end wall. The door and framework easily lifted into place, it sure beats the old sliding doors. Thanks Guys!"

James M., OK

"I have a 45' Schweiss Bi-Fold Door which is about 4 years old. LOVE IT! It has become the standard at our Airport. My door is equipped with the wireless remote, and auto latches. Thanks for the good product!"

Pat B., FL

"The door data was great and I really appreciated the level of effort you put out to make sure everything was handled quickly and correctly. I will definitely recommend you Schweiss guys. Thanks Tom, Director A1 Mortgage"

Tom L., LA

"Hey Mike, I was waiting for a clear sunny day to take some pictures of my new hydraulic door. It's not sunny today but I took some anyway, I am very proud of it and LOVE it to death. Your web site is amazing and I don't think my door is any to unique, after looking at every picture on there. You must be very happy and proud to be involved in something so special. I was particularly intrigued by the China story, exciting stuff. Thanks for the hats and shirts. PS- I'm so happy with your product that I plan on replacing the sliding door on the other end of my building with an all glass door! In a year or so."

Jim S., PA