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The power of a one-piece door design


Precision Engineered for Flawless Performance


Engineered for power & strength


Clean Design, Powerful Performance


Hydraulic Doors for Aviation, Agriculture, Stadium, Retail, Commercial and Designer Applications

Schweiss Doors is a leader in hydraulic doors with over 35 years experience and customer satisfaction. Schweiss is renowned for its well-known, strong, safe, and dependable quality hydraulic one-piece doors. Nothing is held back on the quality and construction of these hydraulic agricultural doors right down to the heavy-duty pumps, cylinders, wrap-around hinge design and more. All Schweiss hydraulic hangar doors are custom-made and seal very well against harsh weather to extend the life of your vehicles, aircraft, and machinery. And as always, the customer is our “Number 1” priority!

Schweiss Doors

Strength Meets Beauty

Why Choose Schweiss Hydraulic Doors?

  • Superior engineering by experienced craftsmen
  • The best quality hydraulic doors on the market today
  • Low maintenance costs – Schweiss saves you money, long term
  • Reliable service and quality customer care you can count on

Schweiss Hydraulic Doors feature the innovative, powerful hydraulic pumps system. Schweiss One- Piece Hydro Power Hydraulic Doors – we’ve stood the test of time and we’re ready to back up our products every step of the way. Schweiss Doors is established and well known worldwide as an icon in the commercial custom hydraulic overhead doors market!



"From an architectural perspective it's fantastic. We really like the product, the appearance of it and the way it can be integrated seamlessly with the exterior of the house."

Raymond Calabro, Architect


"You've got a happy Schweiss Door owner that's living his dream up here in Canada. We're going to retire here. That's why we are here so I can get out to all these remote lakes."

Steve Riggins, Pilot


"We love the door. It's great and we get a lot of comments. When it's closed, people don't even realize it's a door because aesthetically, it speaks so well to the interior design."

Jesse Herman, Restaurant Owner

Schweiss Hydraulic Door Features

The Schweiss design uses large cylinders with spherical bearings on both ends of the cylinder allowing it to stay straight through its full range of motion.

Efficient, safe and powerful pumps designed to lift any size door. Built with reliability that gives you low maintenance costs – Schweiss saves you money, long term.

Superior engineering by experienced craftsmen. Schweiss doorframes have factory pre-located, extra heavy hinges to ensure proper alignment and performance.

When you go with Schweiss, you know you're getting unparalleled quality, service and support. We have reliable service and quality customer care you can count on.

We deliver materials and products in manufacturer's labeled protective packages and ship via semi flatbed trucks nationally or common carrier internationally.

Upgrades? Options? You got it! Call us today to experience Schweiss Doors for yourself. We're ready to answer any of your hydraulic door questions.

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