Custom Door Installation

"From an architectural perspective it's fantastic. We really like the product, the appearance of it and the way it can be integrated seamlessly with the exterior of the house."

Raymond Calabro, Architect

"You've got a happy Schweiss Door owner that's living his dream up here in Canada. We're going to retire here. That's why we are here so I can get out to all these remote lakes."

Steve Riggins, Pilot

Custom Designer Hydraulic Doors

"We love the door. It's great and we get a lot of comments. When it's closed, people don't even realize it's a door because aesthetically, it speaks so well to the interior design."

Jesse Herman, Restaurant Owner

"Schweiss doors are definitely unique. The install at The Nine Fine Irishman Pub and Hotel in Las Vegas went very well from soup to nuts. It was kind of a unique install which was designed to have a single pump open all four doors. Just from a convenience standpoint they were looking to remotely locate the pump, electrical lines and key switches in one adjacent electrical room location."

Kevin Sweeney, V.P. of Operations, McKeon Door, Las Vegas, NV

"There were only a couple of manufacturers that could make a door big enough for us. The Schweiss Door sold us on the 20 ft. span height that we needed for our Otter's tail height. Mike Doble was the primary person on selecting the door for us. We definitely like it. It's rock solid and operates like it's supposed to. This is the second year we've had it and haven't done a thing to it. It's doing exactly what we need it to do."

Keith George, Owner Skydive Midwest, Chicago, IL

"Our first Schweiss doors were a quantum leap. We removed two steps in getting our tanks and trailers out of the building. We chose Schweiss Doors because we have a straddle crane that goes in and out of the building for shipping. There are no other doors that worked for us that were as economical as a Schweiss Door, and I like their performance and craftsmanship. The Schweiss Doors improve our cycle time to meet customer demands. We like them very much and have never had any issues with them."

Steve Thoresen, Engineering Mgr., Chart Inc., New Prague, MN

"We went with Schweiss Doors again because they are known in the industry for their high quality doors. We definitely had no issues and Schweiss delivered what they said they would. Everything went well despite the installers having a very difficult and muddy site to work at with 70 other contractors to work around. They made it happen. Jeremy (at Schweiss Doors) was very helpful with accurate hydraulic door specs delivered on time and the shop drawings came out telling us everything we needed to know before sending them to our engineers to properly size the supports."

Eric Bender, Project Mgr., Greystone Const. Co, Shakopee, MN

"Putting glass on the door occurred to me after I got the Schweiss hydraulic garage and patio door. I was going to put wood facia on it. Fortunately I ordered a heavy duty frame. Heavy duty cylinders open the door straight and quickly and it shuts nice and tight. I think it has a great ram physics application. Schweiss Doors is great about putting out a system that is mechanically great, it's not underdesigned like other doors that are too light and flimsy. It's really spectacular to see through that door. It's one of those things that you don't get tired of to look out in the winter or open up in the summer. It turned out great, I love the door. It's great for family gatherings of 20 to 30 people."

Bruce Hamon, Contractor, Denver, CO

"We love the door. It's great and we get a lot of comments. When it's closed, people don't even realize it's a door because aesthetically, it speaks so well to the interior design, It exceeded our expectations."

Jesse Herman, Sway Thai Restaurant owner, Austin, TX

“My Schweiss hydro powered door is exactly what I wanted. And what's really cool when I'm 500 yards out on the taxi strip I push the remote control button in my airplane. When I get to the hangar, the big door is up in about 40 seconds and I taxi my Meridian right inside. That's really neat, especially if it's raining. I would recommend the Schweiss hydraulic to anyone, absolutely. And great people to deal with. They're courteous; they listen; they get things done."

Patrick Aucoin, Spring, TX

"I went to Oshkosh specifically with the intent of ordering a hangar door. I even took my blueprints with me. I was expecting to buy a different brand because my neighbor had one. I talked to two other door dealers, then I ran into Mike Schweiss. He took the time to talk in depth. He looked at my blueprints and made some recommendations for structural enhancements that would make the door work better and then we talked money - he was very generous. I love the stucco clad door. It gets pretty warm here in Arizona. I was really intimidated by installing the door myself. I talked to Jeremy (at Schweiss Doors) He convinced me I could do it. So I finally built up my courage, contacted a few friends, rented a forklift and Saturday morning we put it in. It went in exactly the way it was supposed to and fit perfectly. We got it in, with the hydraulics hooked up, within six hours. It was a wonderful experience I chose the hydraulic door because I like how it provides shade from the hot sun if I want to work outside my hangar."

Dave Sirota, Oro Valley, Arizona

"I can tell you this, I'm the envy of the lake! We put some weight on this boathouse door. It has wood planks on the inside and outside and a steel frame. This was a pretty heavy hydraulic door, about 700 pounds (12.5 x 6.5 ft). It installed real easy. The important thing was Schweiss Doors gave me all the dimensions prior so I had the cutout the exact size. So when we put it in, it fit perfect. It took about four hours to actually hang the door. My neighbor said it's overkill. But it's beautiful."

Jeff Ryan, boathouse owner Lake Vermilion, MN

"I've gotten calls from Schweiss Doors, they pay attention to detail. I've made mistakes when it comes to certain windows or measurements, etcetera, which the guys at the Schweiss factory have caught because they know what we are building now. They'll call me and say 'Hey Mike, did you mean to do that, or do you really want to do this?' They have been a true joy to work with.”

Mike Shell, Aero Country East Aviation Community, McKinney, TX

"Schweiss doors are not any trouble at all. They're substantial and solid, the wind doesn't seem to bother them. They are easy to install, especially if you have the right size equipment like a heavy forklift and scissorlifts they are real easy to put in. It’s very durable, can be washed easily and keeps the echo down. I really would recommend Schweiss doors to others. They are really a solid door. The doors are built in their own frame and don't affect the structure or integrity of the building. The doors also look nice on the building.”

Gene Gallentine, farmer, Norcatur, KS

"Farm doors are getting bigger and bigger and these (Schweiss) doors work nicer than sliding doors for the wider openings. Schweiss doors seem to be a very well-built product and they don't cut corners. Some companies will sell you a door without fasteners and that sort of thing. The companies we work with are EPS (Energy Panel Systems of Graettinger, Iowa) and Wick Buildings who apparently communicate well with Schweiss because we get all the trim and the sizes and dimensions making the turnaround great, that's really important."

Kevin Brown, Building Contractor, Oberlin, KS

"I first ordered a new hydraulic farm door from another company. It was a piece of junk. It was a 70 ft. hydraulic door, very lightly built, it came in two sections that didn't meet together when they put it together. It showed up bent, and when raised it would bend, very poor weld quality, with welds missing in places. It was a piece of crap, I've never seen something so poor, there was no engineering done on it, you could shake it by hand and it would move six inches back and forth in the middle. I called the company and finally got something done. They came out, cut it up in pieces and took it out of there. I was lucky, I didn't put any money down on it. Schweiss was very good to me, this hydraulic door opens fine, no complaints with it. The welds look good, it opens smoothly and it gets used a lot with five semis that come in and out of there every day. It's got a better quality pump, bigger cylinders, the frame is a whole lot different. I appreciate the good job Schweiss Doors did for us.”

Marvin Finfrock, Clinton, IL

"These very sturdy hydraulic doors provide containment for the grain without any loss of space in our 120' x 200' feed storage building, plus once we get enough grain out of either end of the structure, we can then drive in with our power scoops to load directly into our feeding wagons. We had a need. Both Mike and Dave Schweiss came out. They quickly saw heavy-duty hydraulic doors would work in this situation. They took measurements, designed both the I-beam frame to support the doors, plus the extra heavy steel and framework for the doors. Each Hydraulic Door was built to withstand the weight of thousands of pounds of grain trying to push it open. I think many country elevators using flat storage could use this idea. No moving bunker walls and easy access once you open the doors. No grain loss, no storage loss. It's perfect.”

Tom Revier, Revier Cattle Co., Olivia, MN

"When I pushed the button and the whole wall opened up, everyone was just amazed. They had never seen a structure where the entire wall opened up. That just blew people away. We knew we could rely on the Schweiss crew for quick service. Our only choice really was, "Do we do Schweiss Bifold or Schweiss Hydraulic?" We did check out a hydraulic door firm further west in Minnesota but the Schweiss door just looked better to us. Better design, stronger construction, heavier cylinders and frankly easier people to work with. We chose a hydraulic door because it's a cleaner, less busy look. It really complimented the total interior look of our shop, plus it was easy to insulate. Schweiss Doors told my son exactly what dimensions were needed for the door frame. When my son fitted the door into the opening it was flawless; just a perfect fit and that's something when you're dealing with a space that big."

Dean Schneider, farmer, New Ulm, MN

"We had a great crew on this project and that's what makes these projects so good. Also that big hydraulic door fit perfectly. I'm just very satisfied with the Schweiss Door people. We've installed five Schweiss units and their quality is suburb; so too is their service. Anyone looking for a great hydraulic door should certainly consider the Schweiss brand.”

Noah Kauffman, Contractor, Sullivan, IL

"It was important that this building had some character and country charm, the extra windows built into the Schweiss door accomplished this. We needed a big door so that we could easily pull our helicopters inside without having to fold and unfold the spray booms each time. We will set our choppers on small trailers for quick access to this new indoor shelter shop. Schweiss quality and engineering design is really good. The hydraulic power units work smooth and quite fast. The remote control for opening and closing is convenient. So far the door is perfect and it gives us exactly the look we want for the total building while still letting us enjoy the benefits of what the door provides for our business."

Paul & Kimberly Reynolds, Reynolds Aerial Service, Mansfield, IL.