Schweiss builds easy access hydraulic container doors

Hydraulic Doors

2. Bud Container

Schweiss Doors now specializes in customizing containers to accept hydraulic doors to open up the entire side and/or both ends for easy access. In addition to these doors, Schweiss can also build an attached lifting exterior deck on your container that will lift up or down at the touch of a button.

Schweiss storage containers are perfect for a number of uses such as secure mobile offices, portable sheds, workshops, hunting shacks, food stands, etc.

At the top of each container door cylinder is a motor rated to lift 5,000 lbs. The DC drive utilizes 110 Volt AC power. Where there is no access to electricity, the door can be manually run with a cordless drill or generator setup.

Doors are constructed with 2”x2” strong steel tubing. Containers can be customized and finished off to your liking.

3.Bud Container