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Hydraulic Hinges

Schweiss Robust Hinges

Hinge design is extremely important to a durable hydraulic door because the hinges bear a heavy load when the door is moving. Hydraulic doors only have one top set of hinges as opposed to a bifold door with a second set of center hinges. These hinges need to be strong enough to support the door weight and cylinder forces while moving. The unique hinge design incorporates heavy hinge plates that wrap around each vertical push tube for added strength and rigidity when opening and lifting the large hydraulic door.


Removable Hinge Pins

  • A wrap-around design evenly distributes the weight of the door to the hinges and door-frame while opening and lifting the door.
  • Use heavy duty hinges with no bushings to wear thin.
  • Removable hinge pins are easy to maintain, welded in pins cannot be greased.
  • Grease extends the life of the hinges and the door.
  • Only Schweiss Doors have hinges that can be greased from underneath, without removing the top weather seal.