Blue Bottle Coffee Company Opens Doors to Convivial and Growing Customer Base

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Blue Bottle Coffee Company has an odd but convivial (friendly, lively, and enjoyable) coffee kiosk in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley. The Hayes Valley Blue Bottle Coffee Kiosk Café as it is now known, originally opened in a friends garage in 2005 on Linden Street, which at the time, was a dead-end alleyway that smelled like urine, so there was a certain amount of head-scratching that winter. Now, thanks to its customers and a cadre of highly professional baristas, the alleyway is one of the unlikely urban pleasures in San Francisco.

Adding to the relaxed ambience of the coffee house has been the addition of two custom-made Schweiss bifold doors. The larger of the two is 11’ 9.75” x 9’ 3.25” the other measures in at 11’ 6.25” x 9’ 1”. Both are standard cable doors; one with a bottom drive electric motor and the other is a top drive. Both doors are equipped with electric photo eye sensors and have an emergency back-up system. The smaller door has manual latches and the larger door has auto latches and a remote opener.

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