A 16 x 14 Overhead Garage Door

16 Ft Tall RV Garage Door Has Ingenious Design to Appear Half Its Height

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Not Your Typical Garage Door

This Minnesotan resident created a hidden 16 x 14 Overhead Garage Door for his motorhome.
RV garage doors must be tall to fit large RVs, but why the need to disguise them as normal size garage doors?

Although they furnish a uniform look for the outside of a home, they also provide homeowners with a sneaky way around possible strict zoning criteria.

Most cities place residential zoning restrictions on garage door height. Rv garage door dimensions are often outside of these city and homeowners association zoning regulations.

Most RV owners left with one option for storage — the driveway/street. Anyone can agree that RVs should have a secure storage option free from the threat of harsh weather and possible theft. It’s no wonder RV owners have started to look for better options for their expensive vehicles.

Schweiss bifolding garage doors are the ingenious solution. Our custom-made RV garage doors are successfully disguised by matching the exterior finish of the door to the exterior design of the home.

How Tall Is a Motorhome?

  • An average RV is 10 ft. tall and 21 to 40 ft. in length
  • A standard RV garage door has a clear opening of 14 ft., enough to fit a large Class A RV.
  • By law an RV can be no wider than 8.5′ ft., however, the mirrors can stick out to 10 ft.

When building an RV garage and door it’s important to keep in mind the width and height — plus a margin for error is nice when garaging the RV, especially when backing up!

rv garage door

The door from the inside is twice the height of its outside appearance and folds open with the help of durable large lift straps.

What are adequate RV Garage Door Dimensions?

  • A standard double garage door is generally 14 ft. wide x 8 ft. tall
  • The general rule for RV owners is double an average garage door — a 16 x 14 overhead garage door will work for most motorhomes.

The Result?

A typical looking garage door folds up to reveal double its clearance in the open position. The entire door blends into the side top roofing of the door, including the eaves. The finished door is sure to delight the neighbors and awe the children who play in the neighborhood when its true height is revealed.

Door folds up to double its outward appearance.

Endless Door Solutions

At Schweiss Doors we are always open to new ideas and creative door solutions. If you’re inspired to create your own designer door with convenient access and additional headroom contact us today. Let’s build you the ideal bifold or hydraulic door for your structure to fit your largest vehicles.

RV Door Inspiration

This bifold RV door belongs to Jay Hare of North Oaks, Minn. The RV door idea caught on with Jay after he read how Schweiss helped Herb Korthuis resolve a similar situation in Lynden, WA.