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Custom Overhead Hydraulic Doors For Designer Use

During years of manufacturing doors of all sizes and shapes, requests kept coming in from customers who were impressed with the Schweiss door product line and who had their own ideas for unique and decorative doors for residential, commercial and other location use such as exclusive hotels and restaurants.

Schweiss listened and answered the challenge to design unique custom-made hydraulic and bifold liftstrap doors. Since those early days, Schweiss Doors has manufactured designer hydraulic doors for locations all over the world. Here are just a few of the many impressive designer overhead doors that appear on our website!

Red Bull


HLW International of Santa Monica, CA, was charged with turning a 1950s-era brick building into the new home of Red Bull Energy Drink. As part of that process, the firm ordered the demolition of a section of the building’s original roof to create an interior courtyard, and then constructed within the courtyard a 40′-wide by 250′-long, non-functioning skateboard ramp, which has offices and conference spaces beneath.

With the ramp being the focal point of the 105,000 sq. ft. building, the architect looked for a way to create a seemingly seamless connection between the interior of the building and the courtyard space. That was accomplished with a designer glass bi-fold door.

Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors of Fairfax, MN, manufactured the door, which weighs approximately 10 tons. To operate the door, two electric motors and eight lift straps are used.

Schmidt Construction of Williams, CA, handled the delivery and installation of the door. Inner Space Constructors of Rancho Dominguez, CA, was the project’s general contractor and was responsible for demolition and renovation.

Cycle City


Nine designer-style glass bi-fold doors from Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors of Fairfax, MN, are featured around the perimeter of the Harley-Davidson Cycle Project showroom in Maui, HI.

The doors range in size from 18′ to 45′ wide and when closed, function much the same as ordinary window walls. The advantage of having doors instead of windows is that any or all of them can be opened, which facilitates the movement of inventory in and out of the showroom, and allows natural ventilation to play a much bigger role in interior comfort. Arita/Poulson General Contracting of Puunene, Maui, HI, installed the doors.

Guthrie Hydraulic Door Application

Guthrie Theatre

It seems only fitting that the one-of-a-kind Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, MN, should have a “One-Piece”® hydraulic door just as unique. And in the case of the 285,000 sq. ft. Guthrie, designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, the door is not really a door. It’s instead a 17′ x 16′ operable window built into the side of the theater’s Endless Bridge, an observation platform that cantilevers 178′ outward from the theater’s fourth floor lobby on the Mississippi River side to provide spectacular views of the historic river valley, St. Anthony Falls, the Stone Arch Bridge and the Mill Ruins Park.

The door was designed by W.J. Higgins & Associates of Wausau, WI, and fabricated by Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors of Fairfax, MN. It employs groundbreaking hydraulic technology to offer the theater’s guests a breathtaking view of the adjacent Mississippi River.