Main Entrance Door Designs for Innovative and Established Businesses

Bifold Doors

When it’s time to renovate or upgrade your business, you might initially think to design a new layout, add larger windows, or create a new patio space, but it’s your facility doors that can open up an entirely new experience for customers, clients and employees. Doors make a big difference, and you can bring your entryway to the next level with a single panel or bifold interior or exterior designer door. Prepare for some next level “cool factor” doors, here are some unique main entrance door design ideas to help you imagine your next door.

Glass Doors

If the goal is to open up your building interior to the outdoors throughout every season, a large glass door may be the answer. Glass doors make a space feel large, airy and bright. It’s the perfect solution for gloomier old buildings with few windows. Schweiss Doors design both single panel and folding glass doors, which makes it easy to find an ideal solution for any business.

Restaurant Canopy Doors

In the restaurant industry we’ve seen some phenomenal indoor/outdoor patios and doors. Weather events can be unpredictable, and that can leave diners wet during an otherwise great outdoor patio experience. Single-panel doors help solve that problem and create a seamless transition from your restaurant’s interior to the patio. These type of doors partially extend over outdoor seating areas, and create a bit of shade even when conditions are sunny.

Retail Canopy Doors

Going with a single-panel hydraulic door is a two for one for door owners. First, they get an extremely functional front, side or back entrance that lifts with the push of a button and lasts for decades. Business owners can add their own branding or decorative exterior cladding to the door for an eye-catching way to attract customers. Second, when business hours are over, the door lowers and creates an extra layer of security for business. In this configuration the door is simply another wall in the building’s exterior, lowering the chance of an unwanted entry.

Custom Solutions

Some businesses have door needs that don’t fit into a predefined category. Arenas, landmarks and other unique buildings often have unusual requirements for doorframes and panel sizes. The best doors never come from a one-size-fits-all mass production strategy. They are tailored to meet the exact needs of a business and provide novel solutions to building entry problems. If you’ve never been impressed with a door before, now is the time to experience Schweiss Designer Doors.

Ready to give your business a door that wows? We’re here to help. Check out some of our most popular applications to find a door solution that surpasses your expectations. When you’re ready to move forward with planning, contact our friendly Schweiss Doors team to learn what we can do for you.