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Better, Stronger Cylinders

Size Matters
Schweiss uses larger hydraulic cylinders for its overhead door applications.

Unique Design
The Schweiss design uses spherical bearings on both ends of the hydraulic cylinder allowing it to stay straight through its full range of motion.

  • The cylinder stays straight
  • The rod stays straight
  • The lower tear drop plate is mounted to the moving door frame
  • Pins have even forces on them when the door is in any position

Spherical Bearings
Spherical bearings are an important part of the door. We’ll tell you why… Hydraulic doors are large in size and, just like an airplane wing, the doorframe must be able to flex during operation. The hydraulic cylinders on each side of the door are connected to the frame and the building using spherical bearings. The spherical bearings accommodate the flexibility of the doorframe while at the same time allowing the cylinders to raise and lower the door without binding on the hydraulic cylinder pins and brackets.

No one else in the industry offers this unique feature! The Schweiss Advantage: Stronger cylinders and a better design = a safer hydraulic door!

Better, Stronger Cylinders