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What You Need To Make Your Door And Building A Safe And Perfect Fit


Industrial hydraulic doors are large moving pieces of equipment that can put a lot of stress and force on a building. Your building needs to be strong enough to support the added stress of a large, moving hydraulic garage door. As our custom garage doors move, they create both inward and outward forces that increase the load on your door and your building. Before you install your door, be sure your building manufacturer/contractor has made the appropriate calculations to accommodate for the added stresses of industrial hangar doors. Every bid/order from Schweiss comes with the spec sheets that you’ll need to ensure that your building will be strong enough to support the added forces of a hydraulic door.

Retrofitting an existing building with industrial overhead doors may require the use of the Schweiss free standing header. A freestanding header ensures a straight and level surface for your hydraulic garage door to be mounted to and provides added support to your building. The freestanding header allows you to add an industrial garage door to your building without having to remodel your end wall.