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Hydraulic Door Installation Is Perfect For Almost Every Overhead Application

No matter how big or small your door opening is, Schweiss has an overhead hydraulic door that will meet your needs. Each overhead door installation is designed to ensure a proper fit with your building.


Hydraulic doors are perfect for large aircraft hangars. Hydraulic doors have been a part of the aviation industry since their creation. Hydraulic doors offer maximum headroom for your hangar and allow plenty of tail clearance. Getting into and out of your aircraft hangar will never be easier, thanks to the Schweiss Hydraulic Door equipped with the remote control feature. Now, you can open and close your hydraulic door without ever having to leave the comfort of your airplane.


The agricultural industry has found many uses for hydraulic doors over the years, but none is more popular than for the machine shed. Agricultural equipment continues to become larger and taller with each year, which can cause many problems with old doors that are too small. Instead of building new machine sheds, many farmers are choosing to upgrade their current doors to Schweiss Hydraulic Doors. With a hydraulic door, you can maximize the headroom available from your clear opening and save your shed.


Hydraulic doors are no longer bound by the design limitations of the past. Before, metal sheeting was the only option for hydraulic doors. Now, with new breakthroughs, the design potential is unlimited. From glass to stucco, Schweiss is able to sheet your door with just about any material imaginable to really open up the potential for your door. In addition, our designer hydraulic doors are not limited by size. Whether you need a large hydraulic door or a small hydraulic door, Schweiss will custom build it for you.